“Stay ahead in the marketplace with these cutting edge techniques.”

When it comes to your opt-in page, cutting edge techniques will amaze you. Examples of cutting edge techniques include Internet businesses that will cater more to the customer. You will give the customer what they want as opposed to just selling your product to them. This applies to the opt-in page in that more information […]

“Set your website apart from the crowd with this technology.”

Your sales letter sits in front of you. You marvel at the direct response marketing techniques you have used in the sales letter copy. You know that the sales letter copy should not be filled with fancy technology, but part of you wants to use cutting edge technology anyway. You understand that you have to […]

“The Secret of the Forced Sales Letter”

People think that Internet businesses are all about technology. They think that fancy technology is more important that solid marketing techniques. They are wrong. Dead wrong. Technology can only enhance the fundamentals of good marketing. If you don’t have good marketing practices already established then any technologies you implement will only amplify what you are […]

“Unleash the power of online video”

The Internet is a broadcast media that is a hybrid between print media, direct response, and audio and video. Technology over the last 20 years has become affordable and powerful for common users. In the old days technology was out of reach for most people. The technology was difficult to use, expensive, and cumbersome. Internet […]

“Are you losing 97% or more of your customers?”

How many times do you think an average visitor visits your website before they buy? Do they buy from your website right away? The average visitor comes to your website 4 to 7 times before they buy. If you don’t capture their personal information quickly then you could be missing out on sales. Let’s look […]

“3 Secret Strategies of Internet Millionaires”

Here’s the situation. You peruse the Internet reading sales letters, checking out products, and learning about the financial bank accounts of Internet millionaires. It has you thinking. What secret strategies do these Internet millionaires know and implement in their Internet business? How can I learn these secret strategies? There are many ways to tap into […]

“Want to know a secret about Internet business? Here are 4!”

Secret #1: Build a belief system. You have to believe that your product will bring in at least $300 per month. Don’t start off which an expectation of a huge profit. If you do then you will most likely be disappointed when you don’t achieve this goal. Start off with a lower profit goal. Once […]

“Increase your conversion if you want to make millions”

Million Dollar Idea: “Increase your conversion if you want to make millions.”There are two ways that enable you to make more money on the Internet. #1: Increase traffic#2: Increase conversion Increasing traffic to your website is difficult because it has a language and environment all its own. For example, you have to understand the technical […]

“4 Offline and Online Tips for your Internet Business”

One of the most powerful ways to use the Internet is to use it in a dual role manner. Use the Internet for everything it is worth. You can also make money offline through following up with the people that purchased your products online. The dual online and offline role will earn you far more […]