The A9 Process of bringing more traffic to your website – Step 2

So now, Step 2 in the A9 process is you’re going to take your articles and you’re going to submit them to article submission websites. Now, because this is a long and tedious process, here are a couple of cool things you can do.First of all, if you go to this website,, you can […]

The A9 Process of bringing more traffic to your website – Step 1

The A9 process is something that we developed to make it easier for you to start generating more traffic. The name itself stands for “article” multiplied nine times. You’ll see what I mean in a second. Content is what is going to drive you on the internet, so if you’re not putting content out on […]

Being Featured In A Magazine – How to MILK IT!

If you are going to be a featured expert in a publication, milk it like there’s no tomorrow. I had a student who told me he was going to be featured in Men’s Fitness Top 100 Trainers. Now that is huge! So the strategy I told him to follow was to first write a press […]

RE: its only $10?

You see, I am a complete information junkie. I always have mp3s of the latest course and teleseminar playing in my car. I buy everyone’s stuff–which can range in the thousands of dollars. But there’s one info-product I listened to that totally blew me away. It was Russell Brunson’s “Affiliate Evolution” package that went live […]

RE: Link is not working…

I’ve gotten hundreds of emails saying that the link in the email I just send out earlier is not working. I have no idea why not – It works for me just fine. But, I made a different link for ya. Go here now to get to the site: Best Regards, Matt Bacak P.S. […]

Did Your Last Affiliate Check Suck?

I hope you’re having a profitable day today. Listen: the “industry standard” for affiliate commissionpayouts is 30% to 50%. If you check out,you’ll notice some merchants are paying 75% commissions ifyou sell their product for them. But what’s unheard of is getting 100%..200%…even awhopping 300% affiliate commission for promoting just ONEproduct. Do the math: […]

(Time’s running out) 3 niches worth $15,373 last month…

Are you still struggling to turn a decent profit as an affiliate? It’s time to find out how to swipe a super affiliates lethaltactics for finding profitable markets with ease, spyingon the competition, and pinching Google for penny clicks. Spots are extremely limited and moving fast: –> Seriously, this time I think I’ve seen […]