“4 Offline and Online Tips for your Internet Business”

One of the most powerful ways to use the Internet is to use it in a dual role manner. Use the Internet for everything it is worth. You can also make money offline through following up with the people that purchased your products online. The dual online and offline role will earn you far more […]

“Common Questions about Schedulers”

Let’s look at some common questions and situations that occur for Schedulers when they are booking phone consultation sessions. Learning about these situations can help improve the performance of your Schedulers and bring in more money for your business. What do you do if somebody asks about another program? You let them know that the […]

“How Schedulers can Book more Appointments

You have employed Schedulers. They set up the appointments for the phone consultations of the sales people. Everything is running smoothly, but you are not getting enough appointments booked each week. How can you motivate your Schedulers to increase the number of phone consultations they book each week? One option is to put on a […]

“How to Find a Scheduler”

You know that talking to your customers on the phone is a great way to up sell to them. The question is how to schedule appointments for this phone consultation. Should you have the sales person that will talk during the actual calls set up the appointments as well? The answer is no. Why not? […]