The Amazing Power of Using Negative Triggers

by Matt Bacak Recently, I did a webinar with a good friend of mine, Michael Hauge. Michael’s the go-to guy for creating compelling stories having worked with top screenwriters, Hollywood A-list actors and the like to craft blockbuster hits year after year. Using persuasive stories in your copy gives you a huge advantage over your […]

5 Marketing Lessons From A Reluctant Lemonade Salesman

by Matt Bacak School just started back here in Georgia. The day before it started, my kids decided they wanted to do a lemonade stand. I told them before I would help them, they had to make a sign, find all the stuff to make the stand including a chair for me to sit in […]

7 Tips For Mastering Facebook

by Matt Bacak Let’s face facts. Facebook reports that there are over 1.28 BILLION monthly active Facebook users. That’s an insane number that should get you excited. And if you’re not using Facebook to your advantage, you’re wasting a precious resource. These following tips can help you on your way to mastering Facebook. Tip #1: […]