Business Plan Playbook

A well thought out and carefully constructed business plan is the key to success in the business world. Stick to the basics when developing your plan to ensure you accomplish all goals quickly and easily. A business plan serves as your personal playbook for your own business. This written document serves to identify your goals […]

It’s time to make it happen!

What’s the single biggest qualitythat makes millionaires differentthan everybody else? Now, some people might say: …They’re lucky! or …They have friends in high places! While both of these statements may betrue, the fact of the matter is, neitherof those traits have alot to do withbuilding & keeping wealth! In 2 weeks I’ve invited some of […]

I need MAJOR help on this deal…

While I grill national real estate investor & trainer Lou Castillo on a real live deal I am working on now! I’m asking Lou to recommend and teach me some serious strategies to fix my real estate deal. You’ll be able can call in and listen first hand as Lou helps me solve my […]

Does fame equal fortune…

We will talk more about this is a sec, but first… I’m sitting at the airport waiting to take offto L.A. because we are delayed. Now I’m wishingI just flew myself. By the time we land, I could have been there in my personal plane. Anyway, enough gripping. I heard a kid next to me […]

Special Free Gift for you…

There’s this free CD that I thought you’d liketo know about to finish this year out right. Better hurry and check it out! With the responsethat we have received already Mike Stewart, The InternetAudio Guy, and I are just days from charging whatit’s worth. Go here Right Now: This Free CD will open your […]