my million dollar saying.

I have a saying…

It’s a saying that has been
in my head ever since I did
my 1st million dollar run…

And that is…

“Do what you fear and the money will follow”

I still say this all the time.

It give me courage.


When a new opportunity presents it’s self.

I tell you this.


Right now.

Right at this very moment.

There’s a golden opportunity.

It would be a shame for fear
to get in your way and you
totally miss out.

Grab this video report
before it disappears.

Cheetah FAST!

Real quick.

Let me ask you this.

Have you ever had a situation
where a great opportunity was
just around the corner…

…and all of a sudden it slipped away?


It just disappeared.

I have and I’m sure you have too.


A lot of people are going to miss
out on this golden opportunity and
I’d hate for it to be you.

That’s why I wanted to let you
know about this one last time.

I’d hurry up and get this
video report now.

Before it disappears.

Before it’s gone.

Before Poof.

Best Regards,

Matt Bacak

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You only live once.

You have probably seen the
1989 film ‘Dead Poets Society’
which starred Robin Williams…

I bet you know some people
who have seen the movie
dozens of times…

…and are planning to watch
it countless times more.

If you have watched it…

Maybe the words “Carpe Diem.”

or “Seize the day”…

…have been etched on your
brain mainly because of those
5 words’ sheer power.

“Carpe Diem.”

“Seize the day”

The film struck a nerve
with so many people because
it resonated with a truth:

“We can make our ordinary
lives extraordinary by…

“seizing the day.”

And as far as seizing the
day is concerned…

There’s a golden opportunity
that’s happening right now.

Unfortunately, most people
are totally missing out.

That’s why I made this
video report for you.

Check it.

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Best Regards,

Matt Bacak

Mayweather vs. McGregor

I guess it’s time to finally weight in on the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight since I’m taking my son to God’s country tomorrow with his friends for his birthday. I always bite my tongue when it comes to politics but this is boxing. The fight is in a boxing ring and not an octagon. As much as anyone can wish it’s a MMA fight it’s not.

Here’s my take and it’s totally different then others.

Mayweather is a boxer and he’s not going to just stand there and exchange punches so McGregor better knock him out in the first few rounds because if he doesn’t he will get fatigued or even flustered by Mayweather… Conor’s second nature will kick in and you’ll find him hesitating not to resort back to something he naturally does in the octagon. He will break boxing rules and find himself disqualified or find himself with warnings that will have him lose the bout if it comes down to a decision. I know, I know, he will lose all his money based on the contract. I get that. However, I’ve see it happen with many guys that jumped in the ring after years of training in a different discipline.

My take isn’t from outside the ring as a spectator, commentator or fan but being inside the ring almost every day after school when I was younger. I don’t really talk about my boxing days anymore, ok, I started last week. I wasn’t that bad of a boxer. I was actually was pretty good to the point that the All-Marine Boxing coach used to call me at home to recruit me and after getting ranked 33 in the nation, I was asked to move down to Pensacola to be Roy Jones Jr sparing partner but I chose to go to college instead. Thank God I did. Now for the unseen uppercut in this post, flip the tables, put it in an octagon and MMA rules, McGregor would win. Boxers only have 2 lethal weapons, their hands. Take them away we’re screwed.

Be firm on your goals but flexible on the path.

When I was 10 years old, I believed I’d become a millionaire from baseball cards. When I was 12, I used my paper route money and bought stock with a plan to become a millionaire before I was 30. At the age of 26, I made my first million on the internet. Despite the original plans as a kid it still happened, I actually did it many times over. I’m now turning 40 this year and my son wants to sell my cards and he’ll be lucky to get $1,000 for these. I guess in the end, they gave me the permission to dream. I’m so grateful.

Be firm on your goals but flexible on the path.