“Do you go to the Internet Millionaires’ Gym?”

People form habits and habits form futures. For example, did you know that your top five financial habits can predict your financial future? Yes, it’s true. Take a look at what you do financially and you will see its ripple effects in your financial situation. In life you are consistent or nonexistent. Internet millionaires stick […]

“Do you know the secret aspect of success?”

99% of the time Internet entrepreneurs focus on the business tasks of their Internet business. For example, they focus on setting up their website and marketing. They spend hours discussing search engine optimization techniques. They ponder which seminars and teleseminars to attend. They seek out joint venture partners. They create products. They test and tweak […]

"Open up, this is important-a true complete system"

Niche Marketing 2.0 is officially launched now! Only 200 copies are available at: http://promotingtips.com/nichemarketing This complete system will create an internet business for you that: 1. Attracts free website traffic 2. Generates income without creating your own product to sell 3. Continually increase the value of your website – – – – – – – […]

New Strategy (2 free videos and a report)

Seminar participants paid thousands to discover the Niche Marketing 2.0 strategies but you can get it for free at: http://promotingtips.com/watchthisvideo I would suggest you to follow the link above now because you’ll get to access 2 free videos and download the new, “How To Make 6-Figure Income In Niche Marketing” report. You’ll start to see […]

“4 strategies to help you crush your competition”

Another strategy that will make you stand out from the crowd is to ensure that you work in both the online and offline arenas. Yes, you have an Internet business that runs online, but you also need to work offline. Gain recognition, credibility, and satisfied customers by grabbing them online and then follow up with […]

“Rise to the top by controlling magazine content!”

Always seek knowledge. Don’t waste time and money doing things on your own. Trial and error can be extremely costly, ruffle your feathers, and make you want to quit. Instead, seek out people that can analyze your business. They have an outside perspective that can recognize what doesn’t work. Find mentors and partners that can […]

“Are you a Ladder or Treadmill Entrepreneur?”

Did you know that once people seriously decide that they want to make a huge change in their business it will often happen within 90 days? This decision has to be expressed either verbally or written for this result to happen. It is possible. So make your serious decision today that you are going to […]

“3 Mistakes that could Cripple your Internet Business”

Having an Internet business is exciting. However, don’t forget to keep learning or your excitement could quickly turn to despair when you make mistakes. What are common Internet business mistakes? There are several mistakes that you can fall prey to if you aren’t careful. Keep reading to find out how to identify and avoid these […]