I’m going to get this myself as soon as he launches it. I’m talking about Keith Wellmans: ‘Easy Sales Formula’ But, you must get on Keith’s VIP list now to even have a chance at getting it yourself. (watch how he masterfully launches it) Easy Sales Formula goes live at 12pm EST and based […]

Where will you be tomorrow?

Tomorrow at 12pm EST Keith Wellman will launch the Easy Sales Formula… Over 20,000 people have opted in to get on the VIP list and hundreds of thousands have watched the video’s… There is a small problem. Keith is limiting the number of his formula for several reasons (I’ll let him explain tomorrow) but what’s […]

The Last Time I’ll Remind You…

I just wanted to quickly send you a reminder to watch this video that I was able to send you to with permission of course… ==> It’s very short, so make sure to watch it through to the end, I’m sure you’ll see why this is so important… Take Care, Matt Bacak P.S. This […]

Going away…

I’m going to keep this email short because it’s important that you spend your time watching this video instead of reading… Right now, you can watch this video that reveals the secrets to selling affiliate products with Easy Sales Videos (as Keith Wellman calls them) OVER 7,000 people (which has to be some kind […]

Video skinning, golf, and your money

It’s always good to be prepared … Keith Wellman released an awesome (yes awesome) 2 part lesson on “video skinning” just a bit ago and was hit pretty hard with traffic. Thousands have opted in to watch part 2 and if you haven’t, you’re really missing out. ¬†Keith said he was scrambling to get the […]

URGENT: Do this now or miss out…

URGENT: Your $5,500 seminar is ready but I’m taking this page down at Midnight. ->$1deal Read this quickly so you can get your copy before you miss out on this… Here’s the email I sent yesterday. SUBJECT: $5,500 seminar for just $1 (I lost my mind) Hi Janet, I sent an email about this […]