"Does Your Website Talk?"

In 1895, Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio by sending the first talking signal in Italy. And by 1899, he transmitted a talking signal across the English Channel. Two years later, the Italian inventor sent the first transatlantic talking message from England to New Foundland. This marked the birth of voice communication and made a huge […]

"Baby Bacak Deal only $1"

I’m doing a really special deal for everyone because of the celebrationof my new son, Brian Matthew Bacak. Here’s the deal. I have a few boxes of things I’m giving away for practicallynothing at all.($64.85 Value) I’ll give you a copy of my two physical books and a really amazing magazine for just $1. Shipping […]

“The Thin Man versus the Muscle Man: Which one do you want to be?”

Let me tell you a story. A thin man takes his girlfriend to the beach. While sitting on the beach a man with huge muscles approaches them. The thin man’s girlfriend is intrigued by the muscle man. The thin man fears that his girlfriend will like the muscle bound man better. He is correct because […]

“Keep those Emails Coming!”

Send out emails constantly. You need to have constant traffic to your website. If you are not sending out emails then you are not maximizing your profits. If you want to make money then send out emails. Let me repeat – if you want to make money then send out emails! Set up an email […]

“Track your Numbers to Maximize Profit!”

You need to analyze all the numbers in your Internet business. For example, using link tracking in AutoResponse Plus is a great thing to do. In AutoResponse Plus you get code under link tracking. You put this code in your email. Then when people click on this link in the email you can keep track […]

“Fine Tune your Current Strategies to Maximize Profit”

Right now money making ideas on the Internet are fairly quiet. Of course, technology is still constantly changing on the Internet. However, the money making strategies out there are being fine tuned instead of introducing totally new strategies. For example, using video is currently a way to make money on the Internet. How Internet businesses […]