“Set your website apart from the crowd with this technology.”

Your sales letter sits in front of you. You marvel at the direct response marketing techniques you have used in the sales letter copy. You know that the sales letter copy should not be filled with fancy technology, but part of you wants to use cutting edge technology anyway. You understand that you have to […]

“Unleash the power of online video”

The Internet is a broadcast media that is a hybrid between print media, direct response, and audio and video. Technology over the last 20 years has become affordable and powerful for common users. In the old days technology was out of reach for most people. The technology was difficult to use, expensive, and cumbersome. Internet […]

“Fine Tune your Current Strategies to Maximize Profit”

Right now money making ideas on the Internet are fairly quiet. Of course, technology is still constantly changing on the Internet. However, the money making strategies out there are being fine tuned instead of introducing totally new strategies. For example, using video is currently a way to make money on the Internet. How Internet businesses […]