Form Companies around Your Niches

When you find the right niche for your new online business, you need to ensure you own those visitors who visit your site. Ownership can only happen if you make a squeeze page. It is imperative that all of your niche website businesses have their own squeeze page aka opt-in page in order to capture […]

“Flip that Website!”

You can purchase lousy websites for hardly any money at all. These websites might have a decent product, but bad copywriting and/or the original owner didn’t know how to run the business effectively. You can take over the reprints rights and copyright for this business and use top notch Internet marketing skills to earn more […]

“6 Tips that will Drastically Improve your Internet Copywriting”

Are you working on your Internet copy for your Internet business website? Do you have the basics of Internet copywriting down, but need help tweaking it? If so, then you are in the right place because following are 6 Internet copywriting tips you can incorporate into your Internet copy. Internet Copywriting Tips:Tip #1: Put copy […]

“9 Copywriting Tips for Top Internet Copywriters”

Following are excellent copywriting tips that top Internet copywriters follow:Copywriting Tip #1: When you are writing copy, start with your “offer”. What are you going to offer? Who are you going to offer it to? An offer should convey how much the product is worth and how much you are going to charge for the […]

“The Ins and Outs of Copywriting”

People on the Internet aren’t going to stay on your website for very long unless you grab their attention. Myth: I don’t advertise because there are free ways to get something.This is a myth because everything you do is advertising. Whenever you try to get people to do something, you use techniques in advertising. Therefore, […]

“Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Model your Sales Letter Copy.”

Sales letters are vital for your business. Otherwise how would you sell your products and services? A sales letter has a certain amount of steps and pieces. For example, there are 15 steps to creating a sales letter. A sales letter is like walking someone through the sales process without slapping them in the face […]

“The Secrets of Effective Copywriting.”

Copywriting is the master key to realizing the dreams you are chasing. You must ask yourself this important question – “What outcome do you want that will make you and your business successful?” For example, do you want financial freedom? Do you want a flexible schedule? Do you want to give more money to charity? […]

Power Tools of Internet Millionaires

Dominating a market on the Internet requires a savvy mind. You need to know how to leverage your power. You can leverage your power through killer copywriting. However, copywriting alone will not shoot you to the top of the Internet market. You need two more tools in your toolkit of power. These two tools include […]

The Power of Copywriting

Too often Internet businesses chase trends instead of focus on skills development. The Internet will change and move much faster than you could ever move. Therefore, chasing each Internet fad that pops up could cause you to go in circles. To avoid this vicious cycle you need to ask yourself this question – Am I […]