“6 Tips that will Drastically Improve your Internet Copywriting”

Are you working on your Internet copy for your Internet business website? Do you have the basics of Internet copywriting down, but need help tweaking it? If so, then you are in the right place because following are 6 Internet copywriting tips you can incorporate into your Internet copy.

Internet Copywriting Tips:
Tip #1: Put copy on one page. If you need more than one page then make sure you have them at a fever pitch before they go to the next page.

Tip #2: Put a cover graphic on your website for your book. This will increase sales. Also put graphics of your products.

Tip #3: If you really want to be successful make sure to get their snail mail address and phone number after you grab them online. It is good to send snail mail because there is less competition because more businesses are online now.

Tip #4: Use color on your website. Color can improve our response. In paper direct mail, color can become too expensive.

Tip #5: In paper Typeface – Headline is Times Roman. Body copy is in Courier. Courier looks more personalized.

On a website – Times Roman is hard to read in body copy. You want to choose a font that is easy to read on the computer screen. Use black as the main body copy and then accent the copy with red and blue.

Never put your words on top of patterns of colors. You need to provide a contrast of colors that is easy to read.

Tip #6: Use bold, underline, and CAPS. Make sure to limit the number of CAPS though. Avoid italic in body copy. Only use italics in a big headline.

Try using these 6 tips to tweak your website copy. One minor change can mean the difference between $1,000 in income and $100,000 in income.

Copywriting gives you your own identity. You can promote other people’s things through an affiliate program, but this won’t establish your identity. If you have your own copy then you can convey why people should buy from you as opposed to somebody else.

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