“How Schedulers can Book more Appointments

You have employed Schedulers. They set up the appointments for the phone consultations of the sales people. Everything is running smoothly, but you are not getting enough appointments booked each week. How can you motivate your Schedulers to increase the number of phone consultations they book each week? One option is to put on a […]

“Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Model your Sales Letter Copy.”

Sales letters are vital for your business. Otherwise how would you sell your products and services? A sales letter has a certain amount of steps and pieces. For example, there are 15 steps to creating a sales letter. A sales letter is like walking someone through the sales process without slapping them in the face […]

“Your $100,000 Teleseminar: Are you prepared?”

Let’s say that you want to have a free teleseminar on a Thursday. This is the perfect day of the week to try to make $100,000 through this call. You’ve let people know about the call by sending an email giving the date and time, but what else do you need to do to prepare? […]

“6 FAQ about Internet Businesses”

Question #1: Other than teleseminars and one-on-one, what is the best way to build a relationship with clients? Answer: Let your clients know who you are as a person. Let them know you are more than a product or service and that you are human. For example, let them know that you are real by […]

“How to Attract your Goal Income each Month”

Can you answer the following five questions correctly? 1.) What three words will make you hand over all your money to me? Answer: “Stick ‘em up!” 2.) What eight words will get you to never have money worries again? Answer: “You never have to worry about money again.” 3.) What one word is the greatest […]