Power Tools of Internet Millionaires

Dominating a market on the Internet requires a savvy mind. You need to know how to leverage your power. You can leverage your power through killer copywriting. However, copywriting alone will not shoot you to the top of the Internet market. You need two more tools in your toolkit of power. These two tools include knowing how to leverage the power of traffic generation and how to build a list.

Power Tool #1: Leverage the power of traffic generation.
Traffic puts people in front of your messages (copywriting). If you learn how to generate a massive amount of traffic then you are the King of the Internet. It only takes one traffic generation source to rise to the top. Become an expert on that traffic generation method and you will be flooded with offers for joint ventures.

The 17 sources of traffic generation that are profitable include:
Integration marketing
Affiliate marketing
Ezine or paid advertising
Voice broadcasting
Direct mail
Article marketing
Joint ventures
Viral marketing
Viral videos
Bonus traffic
Golden rule traffic – This is his new method. It relies on the core elements of a website and Autoresponder.

Don’t become overwhelmed by these methods. Don’t try them all at once. Focus on one method and work with it to its fullest potential.

Power Tool #2: List building is extremely important. List building is a combination of copy writing and traffic generation. With your list, you obtain targeted traffic on demand. A list enables you to drive thousands of people to your website. Your copywriting then prompts the website visitors to buy. Basically, when you send an email to your list, you will earn money!

You don’t have to learn copywriting, traffic generation, and list building all at once. You can create a joint venture with people that are skilled in the areas you are not. For example, you may have a list, but don’t have good copy writing skills. You can find a joint venture partner that has excellent copy, but doesn’t have a great list. They use your list and you use their copy. It is a win-win situation for both.

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