“Two Amazingly Powerful Ways to Drive Traffic to your Squeeze page”

Do you know the basics of getting customers to buy products from you? You have to create a squeeze page. You have to drive traffic to your squeeze page. You can offer a free CD that customers can get if they only pay the cost of shipping and handling. After they buy the free CD, […]

“Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Model your Sales Letter Copy.”

Sales letters are vital for your business. Otherwise how would you sell your products and services? A sales letter has a certain amount of steps and pieces. For example, there are 15 steps to creating a sales letter. A sales letter is like walking someone through the sales process without slapping them in the face […]

“The Purpose of a Free Phone Consultation”

Let’s look at selling. Let’s say that you’ve created your sales letter page for your free CD offer. How should you sell your products besides using the sales letter page? The answer is that you get on the phone and talk with the customer. Wait, you think, that means I have to cold call? No, […]

“How to Create and Sell a Product – Part III”

So have you accomplished the first six steps to creating a product? If not then get off the couch and get started. After you have accomplished the first six steps you can pat yourself on the back. But guess what? You’re still not quite done. There are three steps left. Let’s look at the last […]

“The Art of Up Selling”

Are you searching for ways to earn more money from the very same customer? Essentially, are you looking to up sell a customer to higher ticket items? You accomplish this is a variety of ways. For example, you can sell to them one-on-one on the phone after they have purchased a product. The entire process […]