Form Companies around Your Niches

When you find the right niche for your new online business, you need to ensure you own those visitors who visit your site. Ownership can only happen if you make a squeeze page. It is imperative that all of your niche website businesses have their own squeeze page aka opt-in page in order to capture your visitors. You want to capture your visitor’s names and email addresses in order for you to get in contact with them again so that you can offer them more products. You can even go a bit further and ask for their address to send them something in the mail. But this is usually done a bit later in the process in order to add that personal touch. A free giveaway that is considered valuable to your subscriber after they opt-in is always an excellent option at gaining more of their personal information. That way you can send them offers via physical mail which gives you a greater chance of having them read and respond to your offer.

However, you must remember, by building a niche site you are the expert and the master of your domain so to speak. Your visitors are looking to you for advice, support and assistance. They are serious about what they are looking for and your niche business should be as well.

Anyone looking for information online is eager for answers to their questions, that’s why they are looking to you for the answer. Once they find you and get to know you they can be very loyal customers. The only way and the best way to make them your customer and hopefully your lifelong customer is to contact them over and over again. The only way to do this is by capturing their personal information using an opt-in form. This form is the initial step in forming your company. Once you capture your customer’s information you have the key to wealth! As long as you market to them again and again and send them lots of good, solid information, they’ll be a customer for life.

Here are some other tips for making your squeeze page a success:

• If you’re using a background, the best colors to use on your squeeze page are a light grey or a white background.

• Black or maroon headlines I find produce the best results. So, make sure your sqeeze-page and sales letter pages use these colors for their headlines!

• Use good, professional direct response copywriting for your sales letters. Sales letter copywriting is an art form – a formula. And if the right formula is not used this can decrease your conversion rate. So, for top conversion rates, it’s best to have your sales letter professionally written by a results-oriented copywriter that produces high conversion rates for sales letters regardless of the niche.

If you follow these simple tips, you will definitely see positive results through your sales and your company will grow beyond what you ever could have imagined. Good luck!

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak

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