“Flip that Website!”

You can purchase lousy websites for hardly any money at all. These websites might have a decent product, but bad copywriting and/or the original owner didn’t know how to run the business effectively. You can take over the reprints rights and copyright for this business and use top notch Internet marketing skills to earn more money.

When you buy a website, you will also have to transfer over the domain name. It can take a few weeks, unless you pay a fee and it will happen much quicker.

What was the risk of buying this website? There wasn’t any risk because the website was already making money. You can verify this by finding the actual sales. For example, if they have a Clickbank account you can ask to login to their Clickbank account and see their sales numbers. You can also check out their sales receipts.

Basically, you find a website that is making money, but the owner of the website is motivated to sell it. You buy the website and then sell it to somebody else who wants to make even more money with it. It is very similar to flipping houses in the real estate industry.

So once you buy the lousy website then you need to redesign it and rewrite the copy. This is similar to making improvements on a real estate property.

Tip: When you sell your website, sell it as a package. Make it a complete business in a box. For example, sell your computers with software already installed on them and include the customer’s files. Sell any tools that you need for the business. This will increase the selling price and earn you more money.

Tip: Sell items that people want to buy in a market that doesn’t have much competition. Use Internet marketing techniques to sell the items. You can always sell more or different items on the Internet in the future.

Tip: Go to http://ww.wordtracker.com to find out what people are searching for on the Internet each week. What they search changes throughout the week and year. For example, science fair projects may be searched for more in the spring. This can help you find websites to flip.

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Matt Bacak

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