2 Ways to Find Readers for Your List Building Efforts

List building is one of the most powerful niche marketing strategies you can use in your online efforts.  Once you’ve got list content and an opt-in squeeze page, how do you find people who will want to sign up for your list? Forums can be great places for your list building efforts. Forums are like […]

Matt Bacak’s Article Marketing Strategy: 3 Steps to Make Your Content Go Viral

While there is no 100% sure article marketing strategy to make your content go viral, there are a few things you can do to increase your content’s chances.  Over time, the following article marketing strategy will give you an increased chance to make sure your content goes viral Tie your niche to the latest relevant […]

Choosing Topics for Internet Niche Marketing

When a marketer wants to start Internet niche marketing, the first hurdle is often what the topic of the site should be. Niche marketing depends on finding a unique product that will attract a lot of traffic and that will entice people to purchase whatever the site owner is selling. To get that traffic and […]

The Importance of Text Links & Inside Links For Site PR

By Matt Bacak When establishing a strong site page rank or PR as it is commonly known as, it is critical to ensure that you have specific keyword text links leading to your site. Remember it doesn’t matter if you have hundreds of links leading into your site, the magic is in the ability of […]

The Value of Building a List

The goal of any business is to make the most profit possible from sales. Building a list often figures pretty far down on many business owners’ catalog of things to do to accomplish that goal, but it is far more important than many people realize. To keep a business moving forward and growing, it needs […]

Why List Building Will Generate so Much More Money for You

One of the biggest mistakes that an Internet marketer can make is to not generate list building on their websites.  Building a targeted, opt-in email list can generate a hundred more times money than you may be making with your websites without an opt-in email list. List building is very simple and doesn’t take much […]