Matt Bacak’s Article Marketing Strategy: 3 Steps to Make Your Content Go Viral

While there is no 100% sure article marketing strategy to make your content go viral, there are a few things you can do to increase your content’s chances.  Over time, the following article marketing strategy will give you an increased chance to make sure your content goes viral

Tie your niche to the latest relevant news.

Sometimes the news will jump straight out at you–those in the credit, debt relief, and make money online niches have had it “easy” for the past year.

But the news you use doesn’t have to be an obvious tie to your niche.  If you look hard enough, you can usually make one of the day’s headlines work for you.

Perhaps you can show how disaster would have been averted if someone had just followed.  In other words, if the day’s news isn’t relevant to your niche, make it relevant if you have to.

Turn your article into a video.

You don’t have to be professional actor or even very good speaker in order to do this.  Just be able to speak loudly and clearly enough so that people can understand what you’re saying.

Put a watermark on the bottom with a link to your site, then upload to Youtube.  Then you’re ready to:

Get your article and your video up on Twitter–and get others to do the same.

Tweet the links to your article and your video.  Shorten you link with a service like or, so that you’ll have space in your tweet to tell people what the link is about.  Get everyone you know to retweet your link.

Don’t know many people who know you well enough to retweet for you?  Perhaps you can offer an incentive.  If you don’t have any reports, software, or discounts that you can give to people who do you favors, find some.

(These will also come in handy for list-building, and for product launches where plenty of other people are selling the same thing you’re selling, and you need to set yourself apart from the crowd.)

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