Why List Building Will Generate so Much More Money for You

One of the biggest mistakes that an Internet marketer can make is to not generate list building on their websites.  Building a targeted, opt-in email list can generate a hundred more times money than you may be making with your websites without an opt-in email list. List building is very simple and doesn’t take much but can be so beneficial.

Don’t Take “No” for an Answer on Your Opt In List

Did you know that it takes most people more than one time to be introduced to something before they will buy it? In fact, it can take anywhere from 5-7 times before a person finally buys a product or service. If you don’t practice list building, you are missing out on the people who may need to be reminded of a product a few times before buying it.

How to Target Prospects that Want to Hear from You

By simply sending out a newsletter or email updates every once in awhile to your subscribers on your targeted list, you can make more money than trying to advertise to people on social media sites. The people on your list are people that have an interest in your products or services as well as what you have to say and your opinion.

If you subscribe to Matt Bacak’s Internet Marketing Dirt newsletter, then you are most likely interested the products and services of Matt Bacak. The same goes for your website. If someone subscribes to your list from your weight loss website, they are most likely interested in what you have to say or offer.  They also have a higher possibility of buying something from you than a random person from a social media site.inflatable bouncers

Learn More Article Marketing Strategies

List building is just one of the many ways that you can make some more money from Internet Marketing. If you are interested in making more money and surviving this recession that we are going through, then check out Matt Bacak and Mark Joyner’s seminar Survival Tactics for Tough Times

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