How to Get Followers on Twitter

How to Get Followers on Twitter   By: Matt Bacak Having a large twitter following is something that really help a business to garner more sales, get a larger audience for your messages and generally have better conversations. That being said, there are a few things you could do to get followers on twitter. They […]

You Can Make Money with Twitter but Not the Way You May Think You Should

Some social media gurus swear that you can make money with Twitter, but many Internet marketers have a different opinion on this. So what does Matt Back say when it comes to the question of whether you can make money with Twitter? You can make money with Twitter, but it’s not how you think you […]

Matt Bacak’s Quick Tips for Affiliate Marketing Success

Did you know that only 5% of the people who try their hand at Internet Marketing and making money online will have actual affiliate marketing success? It’s a sad statistic, but you don’t need to be in that 5% of people if you can follow these quick tips. Get Rich Quick in Affiliate Marketing and […]

List Building 101: Matt Bacak’s Top 2 Tips to a Better List

“The money is in the list” is probably the #1 affiliate marketer saying of all time.  There’s a reason for the saying: in most niches, list building is by far the most profitable tool for amassing wealth.  After all, who could be better to sell to than a captive audience? Offer your list something for […]

Matt Bacak’s Top Tips to Make Money with Twitter

Even though Twitter has been around for a couple of years, it’s only now picking up major momentum as an affiliate marketing tool for most affiliate marketers.  Here are the two of the strongest tactics that I and the rest of the Bleeding Edge team have learned from Matt Bacak about how to make money […]

Get Twitter Followers with Matt Bacak’s Favorite 2 Tips

Matt Bacak has nearly 90,000 followers on Twitter.  Here are two of his best tips that will help you get Twitter followers–even when you’re not at the computer! Direct message people that follow you. You don’t have to “hand-deliver” the message if you don’t want to.  Sites like (also known as Tweetlater) allow you […]

2 Ways to Find Readers for Your List Building Efforts

List building is one of the most powerful niche marketing strategies you can use in your online efforts.  Once you’ve got list content and an opt-in squeeze page, how do you find people who will want to sign up for your list? Forums can be great places for your list building efforts. Forums are like […]

Matt Bacak’s Article Marketing Strategy: 3 Steps to Make Your Content Go Viral

While there is no 100% sure article marketing strategy to make your content go viral, there are a few things you can do to increase your content’s chances.  Over time, the following article marketing strategy will give you an increased chance to make sure your content goes viral Tie your niche to the latest relevant […]

How NOT to Get Twitter Followers

Just about every affiliate marketing “guru” these days is ready to tell you how to get Twitter followers and make money with Twitter in one of a dozen ways.  Most gurus will only tell you half the story, though.  They often don’t tell you the kinds of mistakes you should avoid. Don’t add too many […]

Why List Building Will Generate so Much More Money for You

One of the biggest mistakes that an Internet marketer can make is to not generate list building on their websites.  Building a targeted, opt-in email list can generate a hundred more times money than you may be making with your websites without an opt-in email list. List building is very simple and doesn’t take much […]