Article Marketing for Traffic

    Article Marketing for Traffic   By: Matt Bacak If you’re serious about making money online, article marketing should be one of your main promotion strategies. It’s a great way to build a consistent flow of traffic. Here’s how it works: Each week, you write at least one article about the product you are […]

The Power of Article Submissions

The Power of Article Submissions By Matt Bacak Articles are used by webmasters and writers as the main mode of conveying a message. To be more effective, webmasters and writers have to submit them to article directories. There are many reasons for this. They include: 1. Attract more visitors to your site or article – […]

How to Make Money with Matt Bacak’s Article Marketing Strategy

Developing an awesome article marketing strategy can be the key to making money from Internet marketing. There are some marketers that swear by article marketing and Matt Bacak is definitely one of them. Article marketing is a process that takes time but is well worth the effort and time. Article Marketing Gets You Rankings There […]

Matt Bacak’s Article Marketing Strategy: 3 Steps to Make Your Content Go Viral

While there is no 100% sure article marketing strategy to make your content go viral, there are a few things you can do to increase your content’s chances.  Over time, the following article marketing strategy will give you an increased chance to make sure your content goes viral Tie your niche to the latest relevant […]

Choosing Topics for Internet Niche Marketing

When a marketer wants to start Internet niche marketing, the first hurdle is often what the topic of the site should be. Niche marketing depends on finding a unique product that will attract a lot of traffic and that will entice people to purchase whatever the site owner is selling. To get that traffic and […]

The Value of Building a List

The goal of any business is to make the most profit possible from sales. Building a list often figures pretty far down on many business owners’ catalog of things to do to accomplish that goal, but it is far more important than many people realize. To keep a business moving forward and growing, it needs […]

Matt Bacak’s Top 3 Sites that Should be Part of Every Article Marketing Strategy

If you’re going to drive traffic to your site using articles, you need to have a good article marketing strategy in mind.  Affiliate marketing “gurus” like to talk about what sort of articles and bio boxes should be part of your article marketing strategy, but they rarely comment on any sites other than Don’t […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Matt Bacak’s Article Marketing Strategy

Article marketing is the backbone of any online marketing technique.  The article marketing strategy that you choose is one of the most important things you can do to get a website noticed. The power of articles lies in their value to millions of potential customers who go online every day to get the information they […]