You Can Make Money with Twitter but Not the Way You May Think You Should

Some social media gurus swear that you can make money with Twitter, but many Internet marketers have a different opinion on this. So what does Matt Back say when it comes to the question of whether you can make money with Twitter? You can make money with Twitter, but it’s not how you think you would.

Don’t Be Spammy with Twitter

Twitter is fast becoming one of the most popular social media sites. People are spreading the word about everything and anything in 140 characters or less. So, how can you make money with Twitter? One way that you can’t make money with Twitter is by spamming your affiliate links one after another.  People will unfollow and block your account faster than you can say, “Twitter,” if this is how you try to make money from it.

Make a Sincere Effort to Network and Develop Business Relationships

The way that you can make money with Twitter is an indirect way. By making friends with common interest and actually interacting with these friends, you may be able to get more traffic to your site.

Let’s say you have a blog about weight loss and you promote a weight loss affiliate product. By making friends with fellow weight loss bloggers and fitness experts, you may just be able to get some backlinks from these other bloggers that can give you a higher search engine ranking for your website and send some more traffic to your site. This is one completely indirect way to make money with Twitter.

There’s More to Internet Marketing than Social Media

Twitter and other social media sites like Facebook may be good for a few dollars here and there, but they are prominently for making connections and friends online. In no way should you solely rely on social media promotion as your only affiliate marketing strategy.

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