Matt Bacak’s Top Tips to Make Money with Twitter

Even though Twitter has been around for a couple of years, it’s only now picking up major momentum as an affiliate marketing tool for most affiliate marketers.  Here are the two of the strongest tactics that I and the rest of the Bleeding Edge team have learned from Matt Bacak about how to make money with Twitter.

Send a link with your welcome messages.

You probably already know that you should send a direct message to every new follower you get (and if you didn’t–you do now!).  But most marketers, for some reason, neglect to put a link in this message.

This link doesn’t have to be for a paid product.  In fact, it probably shouldn’t be.

What kind of link should you send?  That all depends on your niche.  In the IM niche, you shouldn’t get any complaints if you send a link to a valuable report or some other helpful product that others can download.

In other niches, you might simply want to encourage your followers to check out your blog, website, or even your Facebook profile.  Pay attention to how low- or high-key your niche acts on Twitter, and you’ll have a good idea what to send.

Invest in some auto-posting software.

Sites like and allow you to post to Twitter even when you’re asleep!  (You can also have custom “dripped content” posting software made for you at  You really don’t need this kind of solution until you have plenty of twitter accounts howeverSportspark60.

Combine this with a newsfeed Tweeting service like Twitterfeed, and you have a winning combination.  Your newsfeed service will keep you listed in Twitter’s search engine and attract new followers, while your auto-posting software will take care of the actual monetization.

You can learn more about how to make money with twitter at Matt Bacak and Mark Joyner’s “Survival Tactics for Tough Times” seminar in December.

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