Get Twitter Followers with Matt Bacak’s Favorite 2 Tips

Matt Bacak has nearly 90,000 followers on Twitter.  Here are two of his best tips that will help you get Twitter followers–even when you’re not at the computer!

Direct message people that follow you.

You don’t have to “hand-deliver” the message if you don’t want to.  Sites like (also known as Tweetlater) allow you to save pre-set messages that will be automatically delivered every time someone follows you.

Tweetlater also gives you the option to vary your welcome message from one delivery to the next.  People expect a bit of canned Twitter text in the internet marketing niche, but not every market is as understanding.  Vary up your welcome or thank you message and people will be less inclined to think you’ve offended their sense of what is genuine.

Whichever option you go with, you should definitely make sure to direct message every new follower you get.  Even small personal touches like this will stand out in Twitter’s hyper-ADD environment.

Run news feeds through your account.

Sites like enable you to broadcast a constant stream of keyword-focused content from your account.

If you pick enough keywords/news feeds and set them to search for new content every half hour (Twitterfeed’s quickest cycle), you should end up with a reasonably steady stream of niche or even sub-niche focused content.

This will keep you in Twitter’s search engine for your relevant terms, and people who want to know all about your niche are of course more likely to follow you if they can find you!  Newsfeeds make it easy for you to let yourself be found by putting you into several times a day for your keyword.

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