RE: Link is not working…

I’ve gotten hundreds of emails saying that the link
in the email I just send out earlier is not working.

I have no idea why not – It works for me just fine.

But, I made a different link for ya.

Go here now to get to the site:

Best Regards,

Matt Bacak

P.S. Here is the email I sent earlier today!

— earlier email —-

Did Your Last Affiliate Check Suck?

I hope you’re having a profitable day today.

Listen: the “industry standard” for affiliate commission
payouts is 30% to 50%. If you check out,
you’ll notice some merchants are paying 75% commissions if
you sell their product for them.

But what’s unheard of is getting 100%..200%…even a
whopping 300% affiliate commission for promoting just ONE
product. Do the math: that’s MULTIPLE times what the
product is selling for!

I know it sounds like marketing hype.

I know–I thought the same thing.

But internet marketing wizard Russell Brunson is finally
spilling the beans on how he multiplied his affiliate
commission check during one of the biggest launches in 2007!

You can check it out by going here:

Go Here ->

Believe me, if you want to compete in the affiliate marketing
game, what Russell has to share is MUST-HAVE information.
Nobody else is teaching this in ANY ebook, course, or
marketing forum!

So don’t mess around: head on over to…

Go Here ->

See you there!

Matt BacakFrontier Marketing Intl, LLC

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