Being Featured In A Magazine – How to MILK IT!

If you are going to be a featured expert in a publication, milk it like there’s no tomorrow. I had a student who told me he was going to be featured in Men’s Fitness Top 100 Trainers. Now that is huge! So the strategy I told him to follow was to first write a press release as soon as he knew for sure that he’d be featured in that publication. You too should follow this advice. Even if it’s ahead of your publication date, get the word out as quickly as possible.

Don’t just write any press release and submit it to popular free press release sites. Pay the press release fees to get the most exposure possible. Actually, if you go to and pay the $200 fee, this will get your press release out there and in the hands of the most important people in your industry. You’ll get huge coverage. A $200 fee is nothing if you think about the exposure, extra traffic and being seen as an authority figure in your market. Now that is priceless!

A press release is not the only thing you should do. Tell the world! Place “as featured in Men’s Fitness” on your website, your blog, and your bio line for all of the articles that you submit. Even getting a picture of that issue and placing it on your site can give you a ton of credibility. Visuals make all the difference. This will definitely increase your conversions!

And definitely send a heads up to your list as well as use social networks like Digg to share your new-found fame. When you’re doing this you could say something like “Hey look, I just want to let you guys know I’m so excited because I’m going to be featured in Men’s Fitness Top 100 Trainers and I just wanted to let you guys know about that. I’m just so excited!…” Something to that effect.

You want to create as much leverage as possible. And sharing this with others and communicating is a great way to spread the word. Who knows, people will most likely begin to reference you and tell others about you. This could grow your business exponentially! So, don’t forget to milk it like there’s no tomorrow.

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Matt Bacak

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