Setting Up and Opt-in Box on Your Blog

If you are not familiar with what an opt-in box is, you should be. So, go over to and look on the right hand side just below the fold (which I think is a perfect place to position this) and you will see I have an opt-in box for people to sign up to […]

My Wife and I have a gift for you…

A while back my wife and I createda CD together called: ‘Pillow Talk – The Secrets You’ve NEVER Heard’ This was the first time my wife has ever spoken out about the things we went through to build a multi-million dollar business empire. Inside this CD we discuss the ‘Real Secrets’ behind what it […]

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How do you get people’s complete address info so that you can send them postcards, newsletters, etc.?

Now this is a very good question because a lot of people don’t feel comfortable giving you all their personal information. So, how can you do this in the shortest time possible without having to sell them something first? Easy!!…You bribe them. As long as you have something of value to offer, you have a […]

Blog for Rankings

When you create a blog it’s a great way to express yourself and at the same time inform your audience what’s going on. But it’s also a great way to improve your rankings in the search engines. Let me explain. If you want to get to the top because you’re seeing your competition dominate you […]

Ron LeGrand Secrets Exposed…

Have you ever heard of Ron LeGrand? Ron is known as the nation’s leading expert and trainer on Quick Turn Real Estate. Even so, that’s not what this email is about. You see, over the past 20 years he’s been hiding a secret only his top students know. This secret has led him to over […]

How to Dominate Your Niche – Part 2

Now I hope you have already set up a blog and submitted your articles to your new blog site, your website and to article sites. If you follow these steps first you’re off to a great start. With those things completed I know you can get to the top with your keywords simply by doing […]

My mom is getting nervous…(Free Telecall)

Tonight at 9:00EST, I’m doinga very special telecall with mymom called: ‘Raising a Millionaire’ She is nervous because this is thefirst call that she has ever done in her life. She is nervous because she wantsto give you the best information andover deliver as much as she can. She has been talking to my […]

Free Telecall with My Mother…

For the first time ever, I’mbringing my mom on my telecall to share with you… …exactly the things that my parents did differentlythat helped me become the person I am right now. She is going to share stories of howthey helped turn on my marketing mind ata very young age and created thoughts of becominga […]