For EASY Automated Traffic, This Works Like Crazy!

I’ve got another cool tip that will bring you traffic on complete auto-pilot potentially for years. You do the work once and turn on the “machine” and let it work for you 24/7 365 days a year. I’m talking about Viral Marketing. Here’s how it works… You create a basic product on an in-demand topic […]

The Extreme Power of “Integration Marketing”

Today’s tip will produce amazing results if you take what you learn and “just do it”. Most people are too lazy, then they wonder why they don’t get any traffic and/or sales. If you step outside of your comfort zone and take the extra step, you’ll be rewarded. With that said, I’m going to briefly […]

Packing Your List with BUYERS – Part 2

Last time I gave you the first 3 steps for packing your list with “buyers”. If you missed it, look back through your inbox. I sent it 2 days ago. We left off with getting your product “order ready” for traffic, which brings us to step 4 – traffic and affiliates. Okay, let’s keep this […]

How to Pack Your List with BUYERS (step by step)

I’m going to show you how to market yourself and pack your list with eager, qualified buyers, and make more money from your emails almost effortlessly. Here’s how it works… If you’re attracting buyers, then they have to “buy” something, right? ———Step 1——— You’re going to create a small report…basically a “mini product” and sell […]

7 Steps To Exploding Your Internet Sales

In this article you will learn the seven basic steps that will explode your Internet sales, whether you’re promoting your own offer or someone else. 1. Pick a Market If you already have a niche, skip to step 2. Otherwise, the key to finding a niche is to research what’s already being sold; what people […]

Fastest way to sell your ebook? (step by step instructions)

So you have a great ebook filled with valuable info that your target audience would LOVE…. …if only they knew about it! Problem solved. I’m going to tell you how to get a massive surge of sales quickly without spending a single dime in advertising. How? You’re going to convince your “competition” to sell it […]

Two Sneaky Little Tricks to Make More Affiliate Sales

For all you marketers out there, I probably should have said three sneaky little ways because you would have read the article faster. Hint: Odd numbers pull better than even ones. Unfortunately, I did not want to pull a third one out of my butt that I have never done. First thing is something that […]