Articles for Your Products – Are You Giving Away Too Much?

Alright… so you have created an e-book but want to promote your book by providing some valuable information to your reader but still don’t want to give away good information for free.So, the question I am commonly asked is: “How do I write an article without giving away too much information that I could later […]

Use DIGG and Social Networking to Grow Your Business

Social networking has become a huge phenomenon this past year. Although it’s been around much longer, the BUZZ is crazy for social networking. If you’re not exactly clear on what social networking is it’s basically about building online friendships or networks that you grow to make you an authority in your niche or whatever it […]

Google Alerts Plus Blogging Equals Traffic

Now if you’ve ever wanted to see what people were saying about you online as well as see who is linking to you all you have to do is subscribe to Google Alerts. You can subscribe at . Basically, what you can do is whatever niche you are in you can type in the […]

Limiting, Limited Time Offers

Some people have asked me how they could get their website to display a one-time offer which, if someone were to return to the page would no longer be valid. So, basically if a person visits the special offer page and does not buy the first time and tries to return to the page later […]