“Are you a Ladder or Treadmill Entrepreneur?”

Did you know that once people seriously decide that they want to make a huge change in their business it will often happen within 90 days? This decision has to be expressed either verbally or written for this result to happen. It is possible. So make your serious decision today that you are going to start and run your own Internet business.

There are two types of entrepreneurs: Treadmill entrepreneurs and Ladder entrepreneurs. Treadmill entrepreneurs work hard all there lives and nothing really happens. Ladder entrepreneurs work by increasing their effort on a consistent basis.

Think about it this way. Look at how much you charge per hour. Are you charging this rate based on the physical amount of time or is it based on the leverage you have to provide? For example, consultants who have expertise in a desired area can charge far higher rates per hour because they are leverage their knowledge, skills, and experience. These types of entrepreneurs are ladder entrepreneurs in that they realize their time is worth more because of their expertise.

Tip: You want to be a ladder entrepreneur.

Making decisions that advance you forward are uncomfortable. You have to overcome this uncomfortable feeling if you want to accomplish your goals. Don’t be afraid of the obstacles or new ventures. Instead, embrace them and your business will grow like crazy. You will be glad that you made the effort to try new things. Do note that you should never stop growing. You will always have new obstacles and uncomfortable situations to overcome. That is part of what makes running your own business exciting and profitable.

Be prepared for growth and success. Many new Internet entrepreneurs go full force into their Internet business. This is good except too often they experience quick massive growth that they were not prepared for. If you aren’t ready to deal with success then your Internet business and reputation could suffer. For example, you may do such a great job at marketing that your first product launch brings in thousands of orders. However, your fulfillment department can’t handle all the orders. You have to plan ahead for massive growth so you can handle it like a star player when it comes your way.

Following this wisdom and you will create a rock solid, profitable Internet business.

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak

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