“4 strategies to help you crush your competition”

Another strategy that will make you stand out from the crowd is to ensure that you work in both the online and offline arenas. Yes, you have an Internet business that runs online, but you also need to work offline. Gain recognition, credibility, and satisfied customers by grabbing them online and then follow up with them offline.

Another strategy is to provide quality content. Content is king. Providing great content will benefit you many times over. People who reader your content will be impressed if you give them valuable information. They will feel more connected to you. People that know you, like you, and trust you will turn into paying customers. Strive to provide high quality content on a consistent basis.

Another stand out strategy is to understand and engage in the success by association strategy. It is crucial to hang around people that are successful and have already achieved recognition. Think about Dr. Phil. Before his own television show he was on Oprah. Knowing Oprah and receiving her endorsement sent his career into overdrive. If Dr. Phil hadn’t known Oprah do you think that his career would have gone into the stratosphere like it did? Probably not.

Success by association is so powerful. If you have the endorsement of a celebrity that is in the form of some type of media then the public will instantly believe you. For example, Oprah can set new authors on the spaceship to victory by promoting their book in her book club.

Yet another strategy is to focus on acceptable forms of media in your marketing efforts. All forms of media are not equal. There are acceptable forms of media such as magazines and books. These types of media have been around for hundreds of years. If you build your business through these media outlets then you are on the fast track.

An ezine, on the other hand, is not generally accepted by the public as a legitimate form of media. Why? Many people don’t even know what an ezine is. This unfamiliarity breeds a less successful publicity attempt. People also still like to hold a book and magazine in their hands. People still perceive a hard copy media as more respectable.

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