“Leverage your products to earn more money”

Do you write articles promoting your products? It is important to use your articles in magazines, books, CDs, etc. for leverage and not as an advertisement. Think about it this way. Are you selling a book? Selling a book piece meal is a lousy and inefficient way to make money. Trying to sell your book one at a time for $16.95is time consuming and won’t make you much money.

Instead of selling your books or products one by one, you can use your book as leverage. You can use your book to promote a higher ticket item such as a boot camp. You can offer your book as a free incentive to attend your boot camp. You can offer your book as a way to reel in new customers by giving them valuable information.

You know that content is king, but there is more to this story. You have to have dynamite content, but the content presentation is also crucial. Everybody has knowledge and content inside of them, but not everybody presents this gold mine of information in an effective manner. If you want to be the crème of the crop then you need to put forth effort and present the content in the best format and quality possible.

For example, make sure that the writing is easy to understand. Edit your content so that it looks and sounds professional. Don’t simply scrap together content quickly for the sake of having content. Take time to craft quality articles that are presented in a top notch manner. Why is this so important? Customers will perceive your value based on the presentation of the content.

The good news is that you can outsource your writing skills to ghostwriters and editors. You may be a brilliant speaker and run a business like a well oiled machine. However, your writing skills are lacking. Therefore, it is in your best interest to outsource your writing to a person skilled in this area.

If you do work with a ghostwriter, how can you give them the information you want included in the article, book, etc. that you are creating? You can record your information into audio files. This can be accomplished by simply speaking your thoughts into a microphone. Give these audio files to a ghostwriter and have them transcribe it. They can then craft the transcription into a readable format. Make sure that they incorporate their writing flair, but keep the main points of your content in tact.

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