“3 Mistakes that could Cripple your Internet Business”

Having an Internet business is exciting. However, don’t forget to keep learning or your excitement could quickly turn to despair when you make mistakes. What are common Internet business mistakes? There are several mistakes that you can fall prey to if you aren’t careful. Keep reading to find out how to identify and avoid these three Internet business mistakes.

Internet Business Mistake 1: 99% of people focus on their product and their delivery service. They neglect their sales pitch. You need to understand ways to communicate to people so that they will listen to you instead of your competition. And you not only want them to listen to you, but you want them to follow through and buy your products and services.

Internet Business Mistake 2: People focus too much on the technology of marketing. For example, they try to make their sales letters and website flashy. This is a mistake. The psychology of marketing is more important. The psychological techniques used for decades in traditional direct response marketing hold true for the Internet as well. You have to understand how to connect with your potential and current customers.

Internet Business Mistake 3: People focus too much on the product. It is not what product you create, but how you package the product. It is how you convey the value of the product you offer. Be careful that the value you offer in the sales letter matches what the product.

For example, don’t write an exaggerated sales letter just to get sales. Customers may by your product based on this sales letter, but then they will be extremely disappointed when the product doesn’t live up to their expectations. Instead, you should create a product that over delivers on any promises and claims you made in the sales letter. This will result in a happy customer that will then buy even more products from you.

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