“Rise to the top by controlling magazine content!”

Always seek knowledge. Don’t waste time and money doing things on your own. Trial and error can be extremely costly, ruffle your feathers, and make you want to quit. Instead, seek out people that can analyze your business. They have an outside perspective that can recognize what doesn’t work.

Find mentors and partners that can help you fix your business problems. Pay them for their time. Read their material such as their books, teleseminars, and courses. If you want to grow your business and keep your head above water then you can’t be your own island.

If you want to stand out from the crowd you need to something very unique and different. You can’t blend in with your competitors. If you don’t have name recognition then customers will choose your competitor’s products over yours. You need to utilize marketing tools in a specific, strategic manner in order to gain credibility and familiarity with your customers and potential customers.

What marketing techniques can you use to stand out? One example, you can seek out the cover spot of magazines in your niche. If you are on the cover of a magazine you will earn instant credibility. This credibility is a powerful tool that will enable you to rise above your competitors.

The key is to have control over what is written about you in magazines. If you leave the writing up to a magazine journalist then you are putting yourself in danger. Why? The magazine journalist has control. They can write what they want about you and often times it is wrong. Therefore, you should write the content yourself. This will give you control.

It is also critical to you don’t sound like a salesman in your article. Why not? If you have a direct sales pitch then, by law, the magazine must have the word “advertisement” at the top of your article. This is detrimental to your credibility and people won’t take you as seriously. They will feel that they are being sold to. This will turn away customers.

What should write about in your content? You need to give information about what you know. You need to teach your readers. Make readers feel like they have learned something from your article. Learning this information is perceived as high value. Customers will feel that you are not out to take their money. Instead, you are there to help them.

Can you incorporate any of your sales pitch into your magazine article content? Yes. You can do this in the bio section. Usually at the bottom of the article is a small box with your bio. Put your name and website in the bio. Also make sure to put a call to action in the bio. This call to action is your indirect sales pitch.

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