7 Tips to Get More Clicks

7 Tips to Get More Clicks by Matt Bacak   Internet marketers, whether complete “newbies” or absolute pros struggle from time to time to get more clicks. Getting more clicks is a stepping stone to successfully earn more money but it doesn’t have to be difficult, if you know what you’re doing. Many pros who […]

“Rise to the top by controlling magazine content!”

Always seek knowledge. Don’t waste time and money doing things on your own. Trial and error can be extremely costly, ruffle your feathers, and make you want to quit. Instead, seek out people that can analyze your business. They have an outside perspective that can recognize what doesn’t work. Find mentors and partners that can […]

“Tips for Internet Copyrighting”

Want to know more about effective copywriting on the Internet? Read on to find out answers to common questions. Webcopy differs from real world copy because you have to be a “producer” when you create your Internet website. Being a producer includes sound, pictures and writing. So the first step is to research your competitors. […]

“Sales letters in a nutshell.”

What are sales letters?A sales letter is a sales pitch in printed form. Why are sales pages so long? It’s simple, a long sales letter works! When you write a sales letter you have to think of all the objections in advance. There may be several objections that have to be clarified. This is one […]