“5 ways to be invited to Speak at Teleseminars and Events”

If you want to significantly increase your income potential from your Internet business then you need to step up to the platform. You need to speak to massive groups of people at teleseminars and events. This sounds wonderful, but how does someone get invited to present at these events? There are several accomplishments that can […]

“Secrets to a Lucrative Sales Presentation”

How can you make the close of your sales copy presentation powerful? What is the secret? What words should you use and when to extract the most amount of money from the people you are talking to? Ultimate Gurus understand that speaking is a media. You speak to sell to and acquire customers. They know […]

“Your List and Salesmanship: Two Critical Components of Success”

Many Internet entrepreneurs new to the online business world believe that you have to a product to sell before you should build a subscriber list. Hog wash! Build your list first. Your list will help you design and build your products and services. You can ask your list what they want and give it to […]

The Action Plan of Ultimate Business Gurus: Part Two

Here’s the situation. You are eagerly building your list, writing articles, and driving traffic to your website. What are the next steps in your quest to become an Ultimate Business Guru? Following are three steps that you need to take next. Step #1: Advertising.Find people that are interested in your niche. These people will be […]

The Action Plan of Ultimate Business Gurus: Part One

Do you want to dominate your niche market? You can accomplish this by becoming an Ultimate Business Guru. Following are the first three major steps you can take to begin your journey to Ultimate Business Guru Status. Master these steps and you will significantly increase your business accomplishments. Step #1: Build a following by building […]

8 Personal Habits of Ultimate Business Gurus

Becoming successful in any type of business involves tenacity, passion, and experience. Business leaders at the top of the profit mountain understand the daily habits necessary to climb the ladder of success. These leaders are called Ultimate Business Gurus. Read on to see if you have what it takes to become an Ultimate Business Guru. […]

Leading from Within

Women are not like men. Being a woman is about receiving and drawing things to you. This goes against what you normally think about leadership. Leadership is usually viewed as pushing people and making them do the things you want them to do. Women are different. Women are about pulling. Leadership is usually thought of […]

Power Tools of Internet Millionaires

Dominating a market on the Internet requires a savvy mind. You need to know how to leverage your power. You can leverage your power through killer copywriting. However, copywriting alone will not shoot you to the top of the Internet market. You need two more tools in your toolkit of power. These two tools include […]

The Power of Copywriting

Too often Internet businesses chase trends instead of focus on skills development. The Internet will change and move much faster than you could ever move. Therefore, chasing each Internet fad that pops up could cause you to go in circles. To avoid this vicious cycle you need to ask yourself this question – Am I […]