“5 ways to be invited to Speak at Teleseminars and Events”

If you want to significantly increase your income potential from your Internet business then you need to step up to the platform. You need to speak to massive groups of people at teleseminars and events. This sounds wonderful, but how does someone get invited to present at these events?

There are several accomplishments that can put you on the program at the next teleseminar or event. Each accomplishment involves ramping up your profile based on your visibility, networking, and salesmanship skills.

Following are 5 ways to increase your chances of being invited to speak at teleseminars and events:
1.) Write a book.
This is a huge way to gain credibility and exposure. Doors will open for you when you are a published author. You will be asked to speak on radio and television shows. You will be interviewed in the newspaper as well. People will perceive you as the authority of the topic in which you write.

2.) Have high ticket products and coaching.
This shows that you are a high roller in your niche. Ultimate Gurus offer these services. Check out the product lines of the top Internet gurus. They offer services that are a few dollars to several thousands dollars.

3.) Ask!
You will never unless you ask and the worst they can say is “no”. Be persistent even if they say “no”. If you’re not persistent then you are nonexistent. Go to events and network with the big names. You may be surprised at how much you are offered if you simply ask.

4.) You need to be a skilled closer.
You need to be able to reel in sales. Take care of your clients and your partners. Demonstrate that you aren’t just babbling words for the sake of it. You have a clear direction and valuable product that everyone must have.

5.) Leverage your list.
If you have a great list then people will jump over hurdles to have access to your list. You are in huge demand which puts you in a great position.

The biggest keys are to have a list and to be a great closer. Promoters will promote you. You’ll be passed around the teleseminar and speaking circuits. It is a snow ball effect. You will be considered famous in these circles. Be careful, the Ultimate Guru understands that it is not about the fame, it is about the fortune.

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