The Action Plan of Ultimate Business Gurus: Part Two

Here’s the situation. You are eagerly building your list, writing articles, and driving traffic to your website. What are the next steps in your quest to become an Ultimate Business Guru? Following are three steps that you need to take next.

Step #1: Advertising.
Find people that are interested in your niche. These people will be interested in what you have to offer. They are seeking your specialized knowledge. You can advertise on online newsletters. You can pay these newsletters to send out an email for you. You are using their credibility and will drive traffic to your website. Their newsletter subscriber list will view you as a guru in your niche.

Where should you advertise? if you are in the niche of wealth building. if you are in the niche of coaching or mentoring if you are in the niche of business and taxes

Where can you find newsletters that cover your niche? Go to and look for newsletters regarding your niche.

Step #2: Press Releases.
Take articles you have already written and turn them into press releases. You can send out press releases on the Internet and it will be spread all over the online world. Your press release should have a link back to your squeeze page. Your squeeze page builds a list to help build your following.

Step #3: The power of co-registration.
Utilize the power of your following. Build your list quickly to kick start your business. You can accomplish this by understanding how perception affects your success.

You can build your list extremely quickly by going to the website This is an inexpensive way to build your list. You will get quality double-opt in subscribers.

The bigger list you have the better. More doors will open for you if you are armed with a huge list. People will want to create joint ventures with you so they can benefit from your huge list.

Co registration
Double opt-in
List opt
Press releases
Specialized knowledge
Niche market

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