The Action Plan of Ultimate Business Gurus: Part One

Do you want to dominate your niche market? You can accomplish this by becoming an Ultimate Business Guru. Following are the first three major steps you can take to begin your journey to Ultimate Business Guru Status. Master these steps and you will significantly increase your business accomplishments.

Step #1: Build a following by building a list. Create a squeeze page that will capture personal information. This will help you build a following as quickly as possible.

Step #2: Drive traffic to your website.
Following are the top 5 ways to drive traffic to your website:
1. Joint ventures.
Always seek out business partners that have a list that can be driven to your website. Joint ventures will send out emails to promote your product or service to their list.

2. Articles.
Articles are powerful. People search for information on the Internet. Give them the information they want through Internet articles. This will give you credibility as a published author. The article will contain a link to your website so they can sign up for your list.

Articles need to include the following information:
1. Title
2. Content 300-700 words. Make sure that the article provides relevant content.
3. List of keywords in the article.
4. Summary of the article.
5. Your bio which should contain a link to your website. Give an offer of something free such as a newsletter if they click on the link and sign up for your list.

Article Directories you can submit to include:

Step #3: Traffic from the search engines.
Two online advertising options include pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization. Use both options so that your website shows in both the free and paid results of the Google search engine. This will demonstrate that you are an authority and establish credibility as a guru in your niche market.

You can run pay-per-click advertising campaigns through Google AdWords, Yahoo Search, and Ad Center at

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