How to Instantly Decrease Your Refunds

There are a couple of things you could do. One is increasing  the length of your guarantee. Many people believe that a shorter guarantee is going to increase their refunds; the opposite is true. The longer the refund period, the less refunds you are typically going to get. But there’s another thing, I think it’s […]

Two Sneaky Little Tricks to Make More Affiliate Sales

For all you marketers out there, I probably should have said three sneaky little ways because you would have read the article faster. Hint: Odd numbers pull better than even ones. Unfortunately, I did not want to pull a third one out of my butt that I have never done. First thing is something that […]

Inside Today’s 
Affiliate Marketer’s Mind

We have come to a time when seasoned affiliate marketers are not just marketing anything. (Like they used too.) But, these days they are looking for a few important aspects with the offers. 1. EPC 2. Continuity 3. Guaranteed Pay-outs Many affiliate marketers are getting sick and tired of emailing down blackholes. Here’s a few […]

How to Instantly Increase Your Conversions Using a Hot List

Before I can even tell you how to increase your conversions with a hot list, you probably need to know what the hell a hot list is. A hotlist is the list you build of the people that went to your sales page and put their name and email address in an opt in form […]

Confidential Conversation with a Click Bank Account Manager

Confidential Conversation with a Click Bank Account Manager In a recent conversation with A Click Bank Account Manager regarding the best trials and reoccurring stick rate, something very valuable was discovered the ClickBank account manager not only analyzed their accounts, but also spoke with other account managers, and they all came to the same conclusion. […]

Income Increasing Video Salesletter Outline

1. Start off with Attention Grabbing Headline. 2. In the next amount of minutes you will discover… 3. This is a perfect strategy for… 4. Prepared to be shocked because…so pay close attention 5. Let me introduce myself. 6. What gives me the right to share the following information with you? 7. Proof. 8. Headline. […]

Video Sales Letters are Smoking Hot!

It is amazing that you hear people in the forums bitching about how they hate video sales letters and how they would never use them. But they have really become one of the hottest trends in the Internet Marketing Community. Everyone right now is scrambling to turn out their very own video sales letter, seems […]