Two Sneaky Little Tricks to Make More Affiliate Sales

For all you marketers out there, I probably should have said three sneaky little ways because you would have read the article faster.

Hint: Odd numbers pull better than even ones.

Unfortunately, I did not want to pull a third one out of my butt that I have never done.

First thing is something that most people don’t do.

Take a video of yourself buying the product and send the video out to your subscribers showing you bought it, giving them social proof.

That way works very well. It is kinda of like playing a game when you were a little kid called “follow the leader” or “monkey see monkey do”.

The second trick is something simple that only a few people do.

Throw in your own special bonus and tell your list if they buy this product you will give them “X” bonus.

Then just have them email you the receipt and you send them whatever it is that you promised them. It works fairly well.

Ok, Ok folks, I did actually come up with a third one. While doing this something else came to mind… I just forgot!

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