Income Increasing Video Salesletter Outline

1. Start off with Attention Grabbing Headline.

2. In the next amount of minutes you will discover…

3. This is a perfect strategy for…

4. Prepared to be shocked because…so pay close attention

5. Let me introduce myself.

6. What gives me the right to share the following information with you?

7. Proof.

8. Headline.

9. The bottom line…

10. You will or won’t need the following things…

11. Social proof.

12. Why is it more dangerous or expensive to do it alone?

13. Establish value in their minds.

14. I am only asking for X price.

15. Scarcity or urgency.
16. A detailed description of what they are going to get.

17. A bonus for ordering right now, don’t forget to put a value on the bonus.

18. Restate the urgency and the price.
19. Guarantee.

20. Here is what you must do right now.

21. Insure they made a great decision to make the purchase.

22. How to make the purchase right now.

Other things to consider adding…

23. Identifying the problem.

24. How to solve the problem.

25. Making the problem more painful.

26. Make your solution to the problem your offer.

27. Listing features and benefits.

28. Examples of successful application and proof.

29. Giving warnings such as limited availability, limited time, bonus
for the first amount of people.

30. Proving that there is an abundance of opportunity.

31. Proving the profit potential.

32. The number one most important thing is to give them clear instructions
of how to buy.

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