Video Sales Letters are Smoking Hot!

It is amazing that you hear people in the forums bitching about how they hate video sales letters and how they would never use them.

But they have really become one of the hottest trends in the Internet Marketing Community.

Everyone right now is scrambling to turn out their very own video sales letter, seems like in droves.

Fortunately for me, I have been using video sales letters way before most people even thought of them. So therefore, I have a lot of testing data to allow me to whip out a high converting one very quickly.

I have found that shooting yourself live on the video is not the best way to go.

It is the powerpoint presentation!

I have split tested backgrounds,and I have personally found “which is opposite of what many people are saying to do”,that the black background with white words, converts the best for me.

Something in which I can guarantee that will increase your response is… talking fast with enthusiasm.



If you find that you are not good at talking fast on a video, I have seen people that will speed up the audio, and have found that it will increase the sells.

One element that works like gang busters is the auto appearing button; which is a buy now button that appears around the time of the close.

Please see illustration below:

There is a lot of question on the length of the video.

How long should the video be?

The answer to that is although I feel everything should be tested, generally smaller ticket products (under $200), I typically go between 9 and 15 minutes.

On the higher ticket products ($500 or higher), then really you want to go 15 to 45 minutes.

Here is another suggestion:

I have found that using auto play; so when they land on the page it automatically plays with no controls appearing, works best for me.

The things you will need to make this video are the following: (Assuming you have your presentation written)

If you have a PC.
* Powerpoint
* Camtasia
* Good microphone

If you have a MAC.
* Keynote or powerpoint for MAC
* Screenflow
* Good Microphone

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