Confidential Conversation with a Click Bank Account Manager

Confidential Conversation with a Click Bank
Account Manager

In a recent conversation with A Click Bank Account Manager regarding the best trials and reoccurring stick rate, something very valuable was discovered the ClickBank account manager not only analyzed their accounts, but also spoke with other account managers, and they all came to the same conclusion.

They noticed that with a reoccurring program, the accounts with the lowest chargebacks, lowest refunds, best retention rate and the highest front end sales conversion were those with 14 day trials at $1.00 with a price of $67.77 or $67.95 reoccurring.

They also discovered a lot of people have a myth that the straight $67.00 price is king, but have found that any price without cents on the end (.97) raises a red flag on peoples credit card statements.

So things like $17, 27, 37, 47, 97 all stand out on a credit card statement when mixed in with other normal charges that include dollars and cents (1.99) on their Credit card statements.

So you are probably asking why would that be? The answer is taxes. Everything has tax on it.

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