How to Instantly Increase Your Conversions Using a Hot List

Before I can even tell you how to increase your conversions with a hot list, you probably need to know what the hell a hot list is.

A hotlist is the list you build of the people that went to your sales page and put their name and email address in an opt in form to go to the second step, which is completing the order form.

Right now I have seen two ways that people have created hot lists. One is what I call an in between page that says step one of two “hidden opt in page”

The other way that I have seen it done is an opt in page on the sales letter,
in which nobody can see the order form unless they opt into the opt in box.

Hopefully that makes sense, it is kind of hard to explain writing it, but I guarantee you if you go to any of my sales pages you will see this in action.

So now that you know what a hot list is, let’s discuss increasing your conversions. Many people think that this is just a way of collecting emails,and they forget that you can still communicate with them, they are the hottest people.

The idea behind this is, if they don’t buy, continue to mail them until they do. This is what I suggest you do.

Three to five emails in the follow up sequence to the non-buyers is sufficient enough. Make sure if someone buys that they are immediately taken out of this follow up sequence.

What exactly should you put in those follow up emails?

Here is what I do.

I create a list of the biggest reasons that they might have not filled out the order form.

Then I write an email that address those reasons and overcomes them.

Reason number one is answered in email #1

Reason number two is answered in email #2

Reason number three is answered in email #3 and so on.

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