For EASY Automated Traffic, This Works Like Crazy!

I’ve got another cool tip that will bring you traffic on complete auto-pilot potentially for years. You do the work once and turn on the “machine” and let it work for you 24/7 365 days a year. I’m talking about Viral Marketing. Here’s how it works… You create a basic product on an in-demand topic […]

Ebook “trick” = 30% MORE sales

Here’s a little “trick” I use to give myself an instant pay raise from the same amount of work. It’s called Content Recycling. Basically, you turn 1 ebook into multiple profit centers by converting it into multiple formats. Here’s an example that works like crazy… Take your ebook and create a video version, say a […]

Fastest way to sell your ebook? (step by step instructions)

So you have a great ebook filled with valuable info that your target audience would LOVE…. …if only they knew about it! Problem solved. I’m going to tell you how to get a massive surge of sales quickly without spending a single dime in advertising. How? You’re going to convince your “competition” to sell it […]

Sales Letter Tips for Your Ebook

Sales Letter Tips for Your Ebook By Matt Bacak When you’re trying to sell your book, you want to have one outcome and one outcome only on your pages. Your audience needs to focus on one thing and not be distracted. So, whenever you’re creating a site specifically designed to sell something, you don’t want […]

Publishing – Hard-Copy Vs Digital Ebook

Publishing – Hard-Copy Vs Digital Ebook Publishing – Hard-Copy Vs Digital Ebook By Matt Bacak You have done some writing and you had hoped of one day getting your stuff published. However, finding a publisher that wants to publish your writings can be a long and adventurous task. First you have to find a publisher […]

“3 Reasons why Internet Business Fail”

3 Factors that Contribute to Internet Business Failure:Failing Factor #1: People worry too much. People worry about every nook and cranny of the Internet and their niche. They overanalyze how to launch their product and run their business. They are perfectionists and try to think of every possible thing that could happen in their Internet […]

“Do you have an Internet business model?”

If you want to take your business to the next level you have to do more than you are doing right now. This doesn’t necessarily mean working harder. It means working smarter. You can work smarter by finding out what the Internet business leaders do on a daily basis. You need to find out what […]