Strategies for Selling an Ebook on Amazon and Ebay

If you’ve written an eBook congratulations! It’s no easy feat but you can rest assured that if you market your book well you can make a nice income from it. However, the first thing you need to do when launching your eBook on Amazon is securing an ISBN number. The reason you need an ISBN number is because you really can’t list anything on Amazon unless you have one. Where do you get it? You can go to, where you buy a lot of ten. Once you have that ISBN number, you want to sign up for Amazon Connect and this will allow you to start selling your eBook specifically on Amazon.

One thing I’d strongly suggest using if you are going to go the Amazon route is to try to find every book out there that you have read inside your niche and give feedback on that book. Then you can select books that you talk about and use the book selection. When you select books, use your book and your signature. You could write something like, “This book is absolutely amazing and great. I’d highly recommend it to anybody.” Then put your name and your book underneath it and put a link back to your book. This is one thing that I do and suggest to my students. Sell from the feedback on other people’s books. It’s amazing how viral this one strategy is.

Now with eBay, you’re not going to need an ISBN number. You can simply do a listing. How do you do it? Well, first of all, you’re going to log in and create an eBay account. Once you have your eBay account set up, what you will need to do is grab your sales letter and everywhere it says “Click here to buy now,” say “Bid on this eBook now”. Leads from eBay are going to be the best leads you’re ever going to get, so we’re not too concerned on what price things sell, especially with digital delivery. You want to set it up to make sure that you do have the digital delivery, because you do not want to be forwarding and sending an email to people with your product. Digital delivery allows the orders to be processed automatically.

Now, what price do you sell it at? It doesn’t matter, actually. I don’t really care what price it sells at on eBay. You can actually get some of my stuff cheaper on eBay, however sometimes you can pay more. For example, we list all my free CDs on eBay and basically, we start off the bidding at a penny. We’ve got people that are paying $27, plus shipping and handling, even though you can get the same free CD elsewhere for just the cost of the shipping. So you never know what’s going to happen. Let people bid on it and you’ll probably sell your eBook for a whole lot more, sometimes you’ll sell it for a lot less, but everything we put on eBay does sell and they are great leads to up sell everything else that we’re doing.

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