Ebook “trick” = 30% MORE sales

Here’s a little “trick” I use to give
myself an instant pay raise from the
same amount of work.

It’s called Content Recycling.

Basically, you turn 1 ebook into
multiple profit centers by converting
it into multiple formats.

Here’s an example that works like crazy…

Take your ebook and create a video
version, say a powerpoint or step by
step how-to video, or even an MP3
audio version and offer it as an
upsell for an additional price.

You can offer this on a separate sales
page between the primary sales page
and the order form, or immediately
after the transaction (before the
product delivery page).

Approximately 30% will take you up
on this giving you an instant pay raise
with very little work on your part.

That’s called working smart :-)

The fact is…

Many people love having options and
choices and will be happy to have
more than 1 format to digest your

In this day of smart phones and ipods,
we’re “on the go” and want to have
instant access to whatever we want

So while a PDF is great for desktop
reading or printing off, sometimes
an audio version satisfies our need
to listen while we’re working out or
shopping, or driving, etc

Give this “trick” a try right away
and thank me later for the extra
moolah you pocket.

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