Articles for Your Products – Are You Giving Away Too Much?

Alright… so you have created an e-book but want to promote your book by providing some valuable information to your reader but still don’t want to give away good information for free.
So, the question I am commonly asked is:

“How do I write an article without giving away too much information that I could later put in a money-making product? Is there an art to doing this?”

My answer has always been no. This is more of a scarcity question. Actually, you put it in your article. What you want to do is you want to think of the word abundance, because what’s going to happen is the more you give, the more you’re going to get back. So don’t be afraid of giving away too much information in your articles. Although it may feel like you’re giving away your hard research information for free you need to realize that you are not.

Basically, if somebody reads your article and says, “Wow, this is absolutely something that I personally would never have found elsewhere! I can’t believe they’re giving away so much information in an article – and for free!” Then when they actually do consider purchasing your product, they’re going to feel like, “I wonder what I’d get if I buy something from them?” So you want to create that feeling of abundance in terms of the information you are offering them. They will feel that you are very knowledgeable but not only that, they’ll feel you are generous. This perception of you will help them gain your trust and they’ll want to buy from you even more.

So, if you are considering writing some articles. Make it good! Offer solid information that you offer in your book. Don’t hold back. The more you give to your readers, the more they’ll feel the urge to buy from you and only you – rather than from your competitor.

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak

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